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Guided Coaching for building your own e-Learning program

About This Coaching Program

Guided Coaching for building your own e-Learning program is an outcome based workplace coaching program for teaching and management staff to develop sustainable blended learning service products. It enables training staff to embed and transform their own learning content into complete eLearning courses. Guided Coaching for building your own e-Learning program is a standalone part of the institutional & business development program The Comprehensive Package for Building eLearning Organisations, CPeO.

The multidisciplinary nature of the subject eLearning calls for extended teacher and management training. Experience fom teacher training programmes in the recent years has shown that a different dissemination mode for eLearning enabling is required than training can offer. Staff have to master the change management tasks within their institution. And real job tasks must be accomplished when new capacities are built. Hoffmann&Reif have consequently come up with an effective institutional empowerment package. Training about eLearning as a subject is one part of this capacity building. Further characteristics are:
  • Blended workplace coaching for teaching and management staff
  • Action learning methodology
  • Comprehensive eLearning service planning, production, delivery and quality assurance
  • Open source infrastructure and open contents for institution wide multiplication


Groups can be clustered flexibly between 3 to approx. 100. A participant should have:

  • a mandate for an e-learning project and access to a budget allocated by the institution to introduce eLearning to his/her institution/company
  • a responsibility for an eLearning project beyond the programme. He/she has preferably a budget responsibility
  • The participating institution and Hoffmann&Reif develop jointly a strategy for institution building (preferably before enrollment) to institutionalize eLearning services at early stages.
Further prerequisites for participation are:
  • English language skills and ability to communicate in English language (e.g. to follow workshop discussions, to read CPeO study materials, to write e-mails; important note: participants can build their e-learning courses in any language)
  • Self learning experience
  • A personal learning environment at the office and at home
  • Preferably several years of teaching experience
  • Strong communication, writing and presentation skills
  • Practical experiences and basic understanding of computer technology and software applications (e-mail management, word processing, spread sheets, image processing)
  • Good work references and / or good university degree
  • Preferably used to outcome based working methods
During an assessment centre information is gathered about media literacy, project methods, teaching experience and computer knowledge of participating staff.

Course Staff

Sebastian Hoffmann

Sebastian Hoffmann, Instructor

My field of occupation is the management of intellectual capital in international business development projects and in capacity development programs. I have been developing information management and training solutions in the science and technology sector since the mid-90s, e.g. for governmental agencies in the field of Tsunami Early Warning (Jakarta), Renewable Energy (Cairo), construction management (Addis Ababa) as well as Vocational Training on Environmental Engineering (Delhi).
My academic background is Media Computer Science. I have specialized in Instructional Design at the University of Cincinnati / Ohio and in Psychometrics at the University of Western Australia / Perth.
Please contact me directly at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the outcome of this program?

The program deployment leads to 3 tangible outcomes:

  • e-learning / blended learning courses or even capacity building programs based on existing content (local knowledge)
  • staff with hands-on experience in the production and delivery of e-learning courses
  • a state-of-the-art e-learning / blended learning infrastructure in the Cloud or your local computer centre

How is it delivered?

In blended learning mode: face-to-face workshops and e-learning delivered by expert coaches and supported by a customized Learning Management System. Most of the e-learning modules are available as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Who should participate?

Teaching, training and consulting staff in companies and universities, teachers, teacher trainers, human resource personnel, training and education managers.

How much time is required?

On average, the workload is 10 -12 hours work per week throughout a period of 3-4 months; 3 face-to-face events are included. The duration can be extended in order to reduce the weekly workload.

Which services are offered?

  • eLearning and eReadiness assessment workshop (3 days)
  • Kick-off workshop (3 days) for building media literacy and preparing individual projects of participants
  • Provision of an e-learning infrastructure
  • Tailor-made change management measures
  • Provision of about 30 modules (Standard Operating Procedures) related to tasks at the workplace, covering four main subjects: a) Business development and project management; b) Instructional planning; c) Instructional media production and implementation; d) Instructional service delivery, monitoring and evaluation. The Guided Coaching for building your own e-Learning program is a portion of all modules (7 - 10 of 30 modules) dependent on specific customer needs.
  • Moderation of the learning process and coaching of the participant´s work process by experienced consultants
  • Continuous assessment of the participant´s performances
  • Interim evaluation and media production workshop (3 days)
  • Final workshop (3 days) for assessment, presentation and certification

What does CPeO mean?

The Comprehensive Package for Building eLearning Organisations (CPeO) is an outcome based workplace coaching program for teaching and management staff to develop sustainable blended learning service products.

A main part of the coaching program consists in the instructional and media conversion of existing content for e-learning / blended learning delivery. This conversion is performed by the subject matter experts themselves. This part consists of 7 - 10 modules and forms the Guided Coaching for building your own e-Learning program.

What are the advantages?

  • High impact and cost effectiveness proven in practice with hundreds of subject matter experts
  • Fast results through action learning and rapid prototyping methodology
  • Vendor independent eLearning consultancy
  • Full service provision through a single customer interface
  • Upon successful completion, the entire CPeO or respective modules (Standard Operating Procedures, methodology, technology) can be taken over for one´s own business development without licence fees and free of charge (based on an open source platform and an open content licence model)